Safety and health considerations are a priority for Tata Chemicals Magadi (TCM); safety is an integral part of its operations in the community.

Safety and health

For Tata Chemicals Magadi (TCM), the safety and health of its employees, customers, suppliers and of the communities around which it operates, is top priority. The company has put in place several initiatives to improve both safety awareness and performance.

Safety and health considerations are integrated into the overall management systems and are an important driving force for the operations. These aspects have also been exerting a significant influence on the prioritisation of technological development. Standards for best practice in safety and health are visible, robust, sustainable, and subject to continuous review and refinement.

TCM conducts risk assessments to ensure that its products are safe to be handled by the customers and other end users. TCM also join forces with stakeholders in business in reciprocal projects to promote a focus on product and operational safety.

The company is very proud of its excellent safety record that has been built up over many years of attention to detail.

A significant part of the revenue and capital expenditure is focused on improving the safety of its operations. Initiatives to enhance the safety and health of its employees are a regular feature of their training and development programmes.