As an organisation, Tata Chemicals' strength lies in its employees. The company's HR strategies revolve around attracting the right talent, retaining them, and developing their skills in alignment with the company's policies.

We strongly believe that people are central to our transformation agenda and are crucial enablers in our journey towards becoming a leading sustainable global organisation. We have always tried to align our HR strategies with workforce attraction, retention and development, keeping in mind the company’s overall strategy.

We do not employ child labour in any of our operations across geographies. We maintain all necessary documentation regarding age, and conduct medical tests as a part of recruitment process. In case of indirect employment, we have controls built into our contract with third parties on non-employment of child labour as part of terms and conditions.

We follow all government statutes, thus ensuring that none of our operations are at risk of child, forced and compulsory labour. We have mechanisms to take care of any violations, like the Grievance Redressal Committee and Ethics Counsellors.

We support ‘Fundamental Human Rights’ in all our operational activities and comply with the law of the land.

This is also enshrined in our code of conduct.