North America

Tata Chemicals North America (TCNA) ensures that their employee benefits package is both competitive and cost-effective

Employee well-being

TCNA makes available a competitive package of employee benefits. The company shares in the cost of these benefits with its employees. These benefits are made available to our employees immediately upon hire and include medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurances. In addition, we offer a wide range of additional benefits including vacation, sick leave, an on-site medical clinic, personal time, educational assistance, etc. Tata continues to monitor the competitive landscape to ensure that our employees are provided with a competitive benefit package.

At the TCNA, Wyoming, the United Steelworkers Union represents over 350 non-management employees on site. We have a labor contract with this union that runs for 5 years. All labor issues involving union members are negotiated with this union. There is a grievance process and an arbitration process established.

Employee Engagement

Our focus on employee engagement has ensured better communication, rewarded recognition and opportunities to participate in community and other programs. 

Training and Education

At TCNA, training and education is broken into two categories: MSHA required safety training and skills development training. All Wyoming employees are provided with mandatory MSHA training annually. In addition, all employees are offered a career development plan of which a training plan is a component. These plans are monitored by our Supervisor of Learning & Development. We gear this training to meet the goals of the corporation. Training is offered to all employees.