Putting employee wellbeing at the core of what we do

Human capital is the biggest asset for Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd (TCML). This philosophy anchors and drives the initiatives launched by the company to promote employee growth and wellbeing.

Employee well-being

Employee safety and wellbeing are paramount. This has led Tata Chemicals to invest efforts to promote employee wellbeing. The company provides best medical benefits for its employees at the Magadi Soda Hospital, a level four hospital owned by the company. To promote holistic wellness, the company has also engaged an external firm to provide counseling and psychosocial support services to employees.

Employee Engagement

Effective communication channels are necessary to keep the employees engaged and motivated. TCML lays premium on gathering employee feedback and has invested resources to create various platforms towards this end. Each year, an employee engagement survey, Xpress, is conducted to ascertain the level of staff engagement and areas for improvement.

The MD meets all the staff every quarter to update them about the company’s performance. The meeting also provides employees an opportunity to raise concerns that require the management’s attention. The MD also meets employee’s department-wise regularly.

Additionally, monthly newsletter is also issued to keep the employees informed and updated about the company and its progress.

Training and development

Training and development is a critical component of TCML’s efforts to help the employees achieve their true potential. Towards this end, a knowledge management portal has been created to help employees update their knowledge and skills. The company has a robust training and skills development roadmap to support staff in upgrading their professional skills.

Trainings are regularly imparted to help employees broaden their skills. Apart from various on job trainings such as induction and safety, the company also helps employees plan their retirement.

An equal opportunity employer, the company also has a very robust anti-sexual harassment policy which acts a strong deterrent. Counselors have also been appointed in all the company sites to oversee compliance of company policies.