Responsible Manufacturing

Responsible and green manufacturing, with focus on resource optimisation, use of alternate resources, and a policy of reduce, reuse and recycle, has helped Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL) achieve core competencies of operational excellence and customer centricity.

Operational excellence and customer centricity have been TCL’s core competencies past many years. Driving our manufacturing processes in a green and responsible manner has helped us achieve these core competencies. The company has identified few focus areas: food and fuel, energy and environment, and water and wellness. The company focuses on effective integration with the basic philosophy of resource optimisation, use of alternative resources, and maximisation of resources through reuse and recycling.

Energy is a significant material aspect for Tata Chemicals. Energy-related goals are decided according to the Balance Score Card  and the Responsible Manufacturing Index.

Emissions are a material aspect for the organisation, as they impact climate change and air quality. Emission-related goals are measured against the Balance Score Card and the Green Manufacturing Index.

Water, being a significant natural resource, is also a concern for Tata Chemicals. Measures to reduce use of water have been implemented, and water sources are metered and monitored regularly.