Safety-related training, policies and management tools combine to form a safe work environment for employees at Tata Chemicals Europe.

Safety and health

Safety, health and well-being of all employees, contractors, visitors, neighbours and customers are in the forefront of business activity for Tata Chemicals Europe. Nothing has a higher priority and, by complying with all legal requirements and following the best practices, the company continually improves health and safety performance, securing a safe work environment and ensuring all significant risks are assessed and effectively managed.

Its Occupational Health and Safety Policy is based on the premise that all accidents are preventable. The company's primary measure of safety performance is the lost-time accident rate – recording any work-related injury or illness resulting in one or more day's absence from work.

The company's safety and health management system is actively used as a tool to ensure high performance in all safety and health activities.

TCEL's well-established behavioural safety programme ensures that all people who work on its sites are acting in the safest possible manner and are aware of the consequences of unsafe behaviour as it pursues the target of eliminating all injuries by creating a culture of preventing injury and ill health at work.

All employees attend regular safety training days and further safety training is specifically targeted to relevant work groups as required. The company maintains a strong network with customers, suppliers and external safety committees in both the glass and chemical industries where it shares improvements, learns from experiences and promotes the best practices.