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Basis of Reporting               Materiality                       Engagements (ISAE) 3000 Revised and                  Contents

           We have based our annual report on the   We cover key material aspects, identified   Type 1 “Moderate level” of Assurance
           principles of Integrated Reporting <IR>,   through stakeholder engagement and   under AA1000 Assurance Standard         Integrated Report
           a global benchmark for best practices in   addressed by various programmes or   (AA1000AS V3) in respect of the Principles   02  Tata Chemicals’ approach to resilience
           corporate reporting with our philosophy   action points with measurable targets.   of inclusivity, materiality, responsiveness   10  About Tata Chemicals
           of making disclosures beyond statutory                             and impact as defined in the AA1000                  12  Awards and Recognitions
           norms. With each passing year, we   Responsiveness                 Accountability Principles Standard (2018)            13  MD & CEO's Message
           continue to enrich our Report with   This Report, amongst one of our   (the “AA1000 Accountability Principles”).        14  Our Business Model
           additional disclosures to provide relevant   interaction and communication   The assurance criteria, methodology        16   Using the Six Capitals in Business Model
           information to all our stakeholders on   elements, reflects our ability to manage   and conclusion are presented in the     to Create Value
           our value creation process using the   our operations while accounting and   assurance report. The assurance report     18   Strategy: Pursuing Growth and
           multiple capitals which helps them make   responding to stakeholders' concerns.  is available on the Company’s website      Competitiveness Focussed on
           informed decisions.                                                at:                       Green Chemistry
                                            Impact                            IRAssurance2022.htm.                                 22  Demonstrating Resilience Sustainably
           This Report is prepared in       We are accountable to the larger                                                       24  Managing Material Matters and
           accordance with the:             ecosystem and we continuously monitor   Forward-looking statements                         Aligning Priorities
             Companies Act, 2013 and the Rules   and evaluate our impact across our value   Certain statements in this Report      28  Building Trusted Relations
                                                                                                                                       with Stakeholders
            made thereunder                 chain. The Report covers the information   regarding our business operations may       30  Risk Management
             Indian Accounting Standards    that is material to our stakeholders and   constitute forward-looking statements.      36   Innovating to Deliver Green and
                                            the Company and presents an overview   These include all statements other than
             SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure                         statements of historical facts, including                Sustainable Solutions
            Requirements) Regulations, 2015  of the Company's operations along with                                                39   Progressing to a Digital Future
                                            associated activities that help in short,   those regarding the financial position,
             Secretarial Standards          medium and long-term value creation.   business strategy, management plans             40  Resilience with Focus on Sustainability
                                            These issues have significant business   and objectives for future operations.         43   Amplifying Health and Safety
           Internationally recognised                                         Forward-looking statements can be                        Management
           frameworks and guidelines        impact and are key to the Company’s                                                    46  Building Excellence for Tomorrow
           followed include:                value-creation process.           identified by words such as 'believes',
                                                                              'estimates', 'anticipates', 'expects',               48  Committed to Sustainable and   Expertise in chemistry, adoption of Green Chemistry
             United Nations Global Compact  Accountability                    'intends', 'may', 'will', 'plans', 'outlook'             Responsible Leadership        for sustainable future growth, world-class facilities,
             Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)   The Management of the Company under   and other words of similar meaning in       50  Promoting Inclusive Development   talented team and commitment to all stakeholders
            Standards                       the supervision of the Managing Director   connection with a discussion of future      54  Strong Governance Practices
             AA1000 Accountability Principles 2018  & CEO has reviewed the Report content.  operating or financial performance.    56  Basic Chemistry Products      are at the core of our business, enabling us to create
                                                                              Forward-looking statements are                       62  Specialty Products            differentiation and deliver distinctive value to all.
             <IR> framework of the International   Reporting period, scope and                                                     70  Results at a Glance
            Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)                               necessarily dependent on assumptions,
                                            assurance                         data or methods that may be incorrect                71  Corporate Information         At Tata Chemicals, the above aspects have enabled us to create a business model that is
           The following principles of AA1000   This Report covers financial and non-  or imprecise and that may be incapable      72  Key details at a Glance       resilient and upholds our competitive edge across markets and products. It enables us to
           Accountability Principles 2018   financial information and activities of   of being realised and as such, are not                                         be adaptable, agile to navigate challenges, grow and consolidate our leadership position.
           have been applied:               Tata Chemicals Limited (‘the Company’   intended to be a guarantee of future           Statutory Reports                 This was what we did in a challenging FY 2021-22.
           Inclusivity                      or ‘TCL’) and its subsidiaries for the period   results, but constitute our current    73  Board’s Report
                                            April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. While the   expectations based on reasonable          99  Management Discussion & Analysis
           We commit accountability to stakeholders                           assumptions. Actual results could differ             120  Corporate Governance Report  We successfully navigated through external uncertainties and challenges like rise
           directly or indirectly impacted by our   financial information has been audited by   materially from those projected in   146  Business Responsibility &    in input costs, extreme weather conditions, supply chain disruptions and increased
           organisation. We have mapped them and   B S R & Co. LLP, Chartered Accountants,   any forward-looking statements due        Sustainability Report         environmental regulations through agility and adaptiveness. At the same time,
           have processes to ensure inclusion of their   the non-financial information as referred   to various events, risks, uncertainties                         we remained nimble to quickly capture rising demand opportunities and deliver
           concerns and expectations. We continue   to in the assurance report has been   and other factors. We neither assume     Financial Statements              on commitments.
           to develop our stakeholder engagement   assured by Ernst & Young Associates LLP.   any obligation nor intend to update or
           and sustainability capacity at corporate   The assurance is in accordance with   revise any forward-looking statements,   178  Standalone Financial Statements  With demand continually improving, expansion projects on track and new business
           and manufacturing levels.        the limited assurance criteria of the   whether as a result of new information,        250  Consolidated Financial Statements  initiatives progressing well, we are set to leverage our chemistry of resilience and create
                                            International Standards on Assurance   future events or otherwise.                     340  Form AOC-1                   value. There is a sharper focus on sustainability through Green Chemistry at its core.
                                                                                                                                   342  Notice
           United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) prioritised                                                         357  Financial Statistics
                                                                                                                                   359  Abbreviations
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