Responsible Mining

Industrial minerals are vital resources for meeting a vast range of everyday domestic and industrial product needs. The industrial minerals sector creates jobs directly and indirectly, and has the potential to improve the economic performance of communities and countries across the world.

Ranavav: Limestone, the basic raw material for manufacturing soda ash and cement, is sourced from Tata Chemicals’ captive mines located in Porbandar and Devbhumi Dwarka districts in Gujarat.

Limestone found in the region is of high quality and is mined through the box cut opencast mining method. The excavated limestone is crushed and screened. Limestone pieces in the range of 50 mm to 100 mm are used for the production of soda ash, while the rest is used for cement manufacturing.

Sustainable principles anchor the entire mining process and care is taken to ensure minimal disturbance to the environment. For responsible extraction of natural minerals, care is taken to ensure zero waste with no overburden dump. The company has consistently focused on increasing the green cover and towards this end, progressive plantation is done on the periphery of the mines for protection of the environment.

Once the minerals are fully excavated, shallow mines are planted with trees and grass and deep mined out voids are converted into water ponds to hold surface runoff and help recharge groundwater.

Commitment to communities have been at the core of the Tata business ethos and Ranavav too has been leading the efforts to give back to the community. The company supports a wide array of CSR activities ranging from health to infrastructure and skill development.