Stakeholder engagement

Tata Chemicals establishes strong communications ties with its stakeholders with a view to uphold probity and accountability in its dealings.

and shareholders

In keeping with our philosophy of transparency in disclosure, our communication programme with investors is designed to encourage accountability, transparency and enhanced participation. This is done to enable them to make informed decisions with regard to the companys business, operations and strategy.

The communication initiatives include:

  • Business report
  • Press releases
  • Corporate presentation
  • Annual reports
  • Website

The company also participates in and organises forums that encourage stakeholder participation and serve as a platform for discussing company strategy and initiatives. These include:

  • Conference calls
  • Investor and analyst conferences
  • One on one interactions
  • Annual general meetings
  • Quarterly results
  • Presentation by the managing director and CFO to investor groups and bankers


TCL has developed a strong customer-centric culture across the organisation through continuous focus on developing an understanding of the distinct needs of our customers. This culture has helped the company delight its customers through delivery of products and solutions of consistent quality and value. This customer-centricculture enables us to deliver on our customer promise in line with our Mission and LEAP strategy.

The company has created various platforms to contact customers and capture their inputs. Customer inputs/feedback are obtained through various interventions such as distributors'/retailers'/direct customers' meets, senior leaders-customer meets/visits, customer plant visits, COO club, Achievers meet, KAM workshops, focus group discussions, membership in trade organisations/associations, complaint management, helpdesk, conferences, Joint Business Development plans, etc.

and partners

TCL has shared a lasting, close-knit partnership with its all its key suppliers who have contributed towards the company’s success in its businesses. Suppliers are connected through supplier prequalification/vetting, suppliers’ meets, supplier plant visits (to/from) partnership meetings, MOU agreements, Trade Association meets/seminars, professional networks, bhagidhari sabha, contract management/review, product workshops/on-site presentations, framework agreements, etc.


The company has an open door policy for employee engagement. Senior leaders, including the managing director, communicate with employees through communication meets, video conferences, and town hall briefing. Employee inputs are gathered through various employee engagement surveys such as X'prESS.

There is regular interaction/communication through e-mail updates, flat screens, websites, poster campaigns, house magazines, confluence, circulars, quarterly publications, intranet, newsletters and events such as Oorja.

Employees give suggestions and inputs through various forums such as All Ideas Matter (AIM).

community and the society

As a member of the Tata Group, the Tata corporate philosophy of trusteeship has been a motivating factor towards our commitment to our key communities. Activities like community meetings/visits, local authority and town council meetings, location heads' meet, committee meetings, community projects, partnerships working with local charities, volunteerism, seminars/ conferences, etc., are conducted for engagement with the society at large.

Advocacy meetings with local/state/national governments and ministries; seminars; conferences; membership in local enterprise partnerships; and membership with industry bodies such as ICC, BCCI, CII, etc., are carried out on regular basis.