Economic Performance

Tata Chemicals' sustainability initiatives and their direct and indirect engagement with the communities in which they serve has made a huge impact on the economy of the geographies in which they operate

One of the biggest private sector organisations, Tata Chemicals’ economic sustainability impacts the national economy as well as that of its operating areas.

Besides direct generation of employment in our areas of operations, we also indirectly offer opportunities for income generation. Ancillary activities such as civil, and other, contract workmen, transporters, and other goods and services that service these people, etc., provide livelihoods for thousands of people. We are equally concerned with the overall upliftment of the nearby community, especially that of the underprivileged. Either directly, or through the Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD), we help improve infrastructure such as roads, provide brick paved tracks, construction and repair of schools, piped water supply, rural electrification, construction of cattle sheds, etc. Through watershed development and water management programmes, we have provided succour to approximately 100,000 people, helping them get water for drinking and irrigation. We have also established ‘Uday’, a rural BPO setup at Mithapur in partnership with Tata Business Support Services to help bridge the digital divide between the rural and urban population and provide employment. ‘Okhai’, promoting rural handicrafts made by communities around Mithapur, is now becoming a well-known brand for handicrafts and garments.