Waterfowl conservation at Charakla saltworks

With the rapid loss of wetlands, both inland and coastal, some micro-habitats like the industrial salt works have become important alternative habitats for waterfowl, as is evident from the birdlife at Charakla saltworks.

Charakla saltworks, which is owned and operated by TCL provides refuge to a large population of aquatic birds, both migratory and native. This saltworks also shelters the only active nesting site for Caspian Terns (Sterna caspia) in the country. These birds have been nesting regularly for more than two decades now. Considering the importance of Charakla saltworks for waterfowl conservation, a project for providing safe nesting habitats for the Terns and other waterfowl has been taken up. The purpose is to ensure that salt manufacturing and waterfowl conservation processes continue in a symbiotic manner.

The waterfowl conservation project at Charakla saltworks has ensured an uninterrupted breeding cycle for the Caspian Terns at its only known active nesting site in the country.