Prakruti ECO club programme

The Prakruti ECO club programme is an integrated initiative by TCL to create conservation awareness and encourage participatory approach between the corporate, community, and other stakeholders for the conservation of local biodiversity.

Apart from the community, the programme also involves volunteering by company employees and their family members. This helps enhance corporate rapport with the community, and sensitise employees towards biodiversity around the plant area.

A total of 50 ECO clubs, with an outreach of more than 8,500 students and teachers, have been established in the rural schools around Mithapur. The ECO club members have already initiated a process to establish a village-level biodiversity database, which will aid in the identification of biodiversity hotspots, conservation needs and in setting conservation priorities.

The ECO clubs programme has set a new trend for the direct involvement of corporates in environmental education. The programme has also been recognised as 'Good Environment Friendly Practice of Gujarat' by the State Government in the year 2013.