Tie-dyeing a colourful future

An experienced Bandhini worker, Bolim Ashiya found that engaging with the Saptarangi Bandhani cluster allowed her to train others in her craft, while securing her own future

Mrs Bolim Ashiya, currently engaged with the Saptarangi Bandhani cluster, lives with her husband and son. She hails from a very modest family and has been constantly striving for a good education for her son, who is currently studying in class 7th.

Having passed high school, Mrs Ashiya has been working the Bandhani craft for the last 25 years. She was associated with the craft even before she joined the cluster; she used to take on small projects for people. In 2011, she was approached by the Saptarangi Bandhani cluster and, along with 24 other people, provided REDP training. Now, she has developed into a master trainer in Bandhani craft. As an expert in Bandhani handicrafts, she supervises and monitors the training programmes carried out in the bandhani cluster. She is actively engaged in the activities of the cluster right from sourcing of the raw materials to the marketing of finished goods. She is currently involved in facilitating work projects for other cluster members, and is dealing with vendors linked to the cluster. She is very particular about the finishing and packaging of the products.

She has undergone a positive change in her life after engaging with the cluster. She is currently earning more than Rs2000 per month and is able to support her son’s education. She has started saving for her future. Mrs Ashiya has become a role model among her community and her peers, while making a qualitative change in their lives.