Biodiversity plantation project

The indigenous flora of the Mithapur region is on a steady decline due to the rampant spread of an exotic invasive species called the Gando Baval (Prosopis juliflora). The situation is expected to further aggravate due to new developmental projects likely to come up in the region. Many of the grasslands have been run over by Prosopis juliflora. Indigenous flora species, including the endangered Gugal (Commiphora wightii), are on the verge of being wiped out. This development is also expected to affect the fauna population in the region.

The Biodiversity Reserve Plantation Project is an ex-situ attempt by TCL for the conservation of local strains of native flora, especially threatened species, through the creation of a 250-acre botanical reserve at Mithapur.

In addition to the main reserve plantation, a series of smaller plantations will be replicated in the adjoining villages for the protection of village-level flora biodiversity. This will be done with the support of ECO Club members and the village community.