Sustainability report

At Tata Chemicals, we believe that sustainability and stakeholder engagement are at the very core of our organisation.

The company has published its fifth sustainability report covering the year 2014-15. For the first time, TCL has worked on a consolidated global report, which includes certain enterprise-level information on our global sites in North America (TCNA) and Magadi (TCM). The 2014-15 report was prepared using Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4) guidelines with ‘in accordance’ – core option. The company engaged KPMG for providing external independent assurance. TCL has been releasing these reports annually.

View the report for 2015-16 (E-book version)

View the report for 2014-15 (E-book version)

Download the report for 2014-15 (pdf 7mb)

View the report for 2013-2014 (pdf 27.71 mb)

View the report for 2012-2013 (pdf 12.44 mb)

View the report for 2010-2012 (pdf 9.33 mb)

View the report for 2008-2010 (pdf 7.17 mb)

View the report for 2006-2008 (pdf 4.79 mb)